This is the EagleWing Publishing website featuring the books written and/or published by me, Bill Oakes.

My goal in writing and publishing falconry books is four-fold:

1. To preserve the cultural treasure known as Falconry as a hunting sport and specifically the use of wild-trapped raptors in Falconry.

2. To instruct theĀ aspiring Falconer (an apprentice) to learn the basics of training and caring for a wild raptor.

3. To assist the sponsoring Falconer (the apprentice’s sponsor) as he or she guides an apprentice through the first years of learning to become a quality falconer.

4. To foster a type of Falconry that is legal, ethical, humane, and biologically sound.

I hope you enjoy the books you will find here.

Ever Better Hawking!

Bill Oakes