Hello and Welcome!

I’ve been a falconer since 1970 and have flown hawks in Illinois, Texas, Maryland, Alabama, Colorado, Utah, and Wisconsin … and that is only counting the places I’ve lived! I’ve taken game with Red-tailed hawks, goshawk, and Harris’ hawks.

I manage projects for a living (my day job), preach about Jesus a little bit at church, and write books of all kinds as a hobby. Falconry is not my hobby. It’s something more than that… perhaps more akin to a character trait or physical attribute than a leisure activity. You know, something like “I have brown eyes” and “I fly hawks.”

Thanks for visiting my falconry book website. Please be aware that if you buy one of my books on Amazon starting from my website, I get a little extra in the pay envelop from Amazon that month.  Thank you in advance!

Ever Better Hawking!

Bill Oakes


Me and Gunnar (Siberian Goshawk) 2014